When you can't be there...

If you’re anything like us, you have an incredible connection with your dogs and cats.
When you’re out of town, you want to make sure they’re with someone who will love
them just as much as you do. That’s why we started Scruffy to Fluffy, to give you peace
of mind while you’re on extended trips away.  They can even have a spa day.


Our Mission

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Professional Pet Sitting Dog Grooming & Pet Photography

We guarantee a well connected experience with you while you’re away.  Your baby will be treated like family, no kennel.  He has full roam of my home, including a fenced yard he can obtain through the doggy door at any time. 

   Scruffy to Fluffy

Our mission is simple: To love and care for each and every animal just like we would want someone to take care of ours.




Pet Sitting



Our Guarantee